The Voice of Experience: A lot for seniors to do

Web Lead

Visiting the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors is like an adventure. When you walk in the door, you feel the love and energy that lives there. There are hugs for everyone. The welcome mat is out, and you do feel welcome. You feel warm all over from the wonderful atmosphere that greets you.

Everyone is busy getting themselves settled at the tables all set for lunch. The mouth tingling smells from the kitchen fill the air. For those who are mobile stand in line at the buffet where the so good food is served. The ones that are less mobile have their meals brought to them. Everyone is in a happy mood. The sense of camaraderie is in the air — the talking, and sharing of their day — and it warms the heart to hear the folks enjoying their day at TAPS. After lunch, some of the seniors volunteer to help clear the tables, and the events of the day begin.

I asked the folks what they thought of TAPS, the programs, food, games — anything they could tell me. I felt honoured that everyone that I talked to shared their thoughts with me. I was able to interview quite a few though not all.

Here are some of the things they like to do: Tai Chi, yoga, swimming, walking, gardening, crafts, knitting, ceramics, outings, puzzles, games, book club and visiting. There are new programs coming in the future.

There is something for everyone. Some like to help in the kitchen making perogies, peeling apples and making pies — anything to help and feel useful. Norman will sharpen the knives they use in the kitchen, and he says being at TAPS keeps him out of trouble. Jack, Ray and George think everything is excellent, love to play cribbage and sing. Some of the ladies fix up dolls or knit squares for afghans. Some play the piano for the sing-a-long.

Peggy, May, Alice, Marie, Lynette, Mary, Betty, Marion, Verna, Della, Marie O., Sally, Leonora, Helen, Kate, Jean, Jean Mc., Anne, Stephanie, George, Jack, Norman, Ray, the staff and volunteers all agree they get the best tasting food and snacks. I can attest to that. Everyone loves the staff and they love the seniors in return. They are just like our own grandmas and grandpas.

Here is a poem written by one of our seniors, Della Senft, just for you readers:

Well did you know — Mexico

Could be right in Canada? Creston, B.C., is the spot

TAPS retirement centre, enjoyed a whole lot

Every kind of entertainment, included a big healthy meal,

Lot of friends, hugs, smiles, that is what TAPS is, what a deal,

Picnic and hikes, handiwork and games

Giving and getting, that’s the aim

Guests arrive with music or gifts

We all help, which gives us a lift

When it’s time to go home, we sit and snack,

We’ve had a great day — we all agree to that!


Marleyne Krell is a volunteer with the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.