The link between psych drugs and school shootings

The link between psych drugs and school shootings

Rational gun control in America seems unlikely.

To the Editor:

“Federal Investigation into Link Between Psych Drugs and School Shootings”, is a headline that got my attention to the article co-authored by US Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord, posted on This article describes his battle to stop the government cover-up of this issue and the appalling lack of adequate care for mentally sick youth. Before taking any personal action on these drugs, it is important that you research withdrawal issues. And watch all of Dr. Peter R Breggin’s video, also available on titled “Video: Psychiatric Drugs Are More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined. One of the Culprits of Mass Shootings”.

On the same day, 22 February, there is this headline “Thousands of Americans jailed for debts chased by private collectors” (at Veterans Today). Do you see the logic? Putting people in jail is wealth concentrative. Putting mentally ill into a safe care environment is not wealth concentrative. Promoting drugs with toxic side effects based on fraudulent medical research is wealth concentrative.

Rational gun control in America seems unlikely while maintaining heavy weapons in the hands of criminal drug mobs and criminal impunity assassins in order to protect vassal Afghanistan’s number one export crop. All of which is an important wealth concentrator through the money laundries. War profiteering has other ugly side effects in addition to poverty enhancement of the people and endless atrocities. It has occurred to me that the corruption security lobby has priorities that are into deeply sick territory.

I think the consensus is that NATO, unlike the Roman Empire, does not have the ability and hopefully not the will to conquer the known world, but it does have the ability to destroy civilization if not achieve human extinction. At least one cartoonist pictured Trump as a petulant psycho reaching for the doomsday button while being held back by those around him. However, media propaganda is a foggy version of the real world.

Scientists of the electric universe theory have implied that the ice age was not a normal solar phenomenon, but rather, part of a realignment in planetary orbits which nearly wiped out our species. And this doomsday history has influenced religion and politics to the present day. I think that the logic and evidence involved is substantial. Yes, end of the world has a sun and a new world of peace is possible if people have the will to make it happen.

Robert Betts, West Creston