Taxpayers are responsible for government’s actions

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To the Editor:

It just makes me sick to hear politicians whine about their inability to do the things that their constituants want done. The May 30 letter about senator accountability (“Kootenay-Columbia MP David Wilks does not condone senators’ actions”) is a shining example of this. In it, MP David Wilks says he is “equaly upset over the entire set of events” regarding the senate scandal. Need you be reminded that your government appointed these people to these positions? So, who should be accountable? Its like giving a two-year-old a box of fudgies then being shocked he ate the whole box and wiped his hands off on the furniture.

You need to ask the Supreme Court if senate reform can be done? If they write the laws, what do we need you for? You’re the government — that’s what you get paid to do! I know that getting 50 per cent of the voters to agree on anything is difficult when only 38 per cent voted for your party. “It’s not likely to happen,” is like saying, “It’s too hard, so I don’t want to do it.” I had an employee that said that to me once. Guess what? I fired him.

That’s not likely to happen in this riding, though. Our MP could be smoking crack with the mayor of Toronto behind the Parliament building and this riding would still vote Conservative. During the provincial election, I ran into one guy who said he wasn’t voting because there wasn’t a Conservative running in this riding. I was shocked he’d even consider that with Internet censorship, gagging the CBC, bank bailouts, hidden slush funds, the bogus economic action plan, document tampering, robocalls, veterans rights, bullying and protesters rights being vandalized by his idols. He told me, “Sometimes these things need to happen to get things done.” It doesn’t happen very often, but I was speechless. I can’t debate with intelligence like that.

One woman told me she voted Conservative because she believes in the Bible. As if Stephen was the messiah or something. I asked her to show me the passage that says, “Thou shalt vote for Stephan Harper,” but she couldn’t.

The one who is accountable for all this rubbish is you, the taxpayer. At the end of the day, it’s your money. If you won’t hold these clowns accountable for their actions, then you deserve what you get and it will continue to happen. They mock you at every instance. Be careful what you say, David. Try to remember what happened the last time you spoke out against the fascist elite that run this country.

Tyson Soroke

West Creston