Switch to daylight time is not healthy

Web Lead

To the Editor:

We once again are visiting the issue of daylight time in Creston. I write this not to demean anyone or to belittle them, I write to give cause for consideration to an alternate view of the decision we as a community might be making. The debate of if we should change, and if we do, what way we should shift our time (Vancouver to be the same time as our provincial news media, or Calgary to be the same time as some of our business suppliers, as well as many other diverse reasons) is once again raging throughout the town.

I wonder if we actually realize how lucky we are not to change to daylight time. As I travel around this world it always amazes me the responses I get when people learn that there are places that do not change time twice a year (“I wish we didn’t,” “You are so lucky,” “Really? You can do that?” and on and on).

Is anyone considering the studies that show that it is actually harmful to our health to change time or to alter our biological clocks?

ICBC did a study using data from 2005-2009 and found that accident rates went up by 23 per cent the day following the switch to daylight time.

The US Occupational Safety and Health database (1983-2006) was used to show that there were 5.7 per cent more injuries, and 67.6 more days lost due to those injuries the day after daylight time (not only more injuries, but also more severe).

A 1996 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed an increase of eight per cent in motor vehicle accidents the day following daylight time. 2001 study at John Hopkins also showed the same results as the above.

A 2008 study in Sweden showed a five per cent increase in heart attacks for the three days following daylight time (six per cent the day after compared to a decline of five per cent when they turned the clock back in the fall).

A February study published in the journal of Neurosciences, Psychology and Economics found a 16 point drop in Indiana high school students’ SAT scores (Indiana has counties that do not change, as well as those that do).

Are we willing to sacrifice our health for the almighty dollar, or to supposedly gain an hour of daylight?

Only a fool would cut one foot off the bottom of his blanket and sew it on to the top, to make it longer! (Think about that.) Smile; that will also is a benefit to your health.

My wish for you all is that you might all be blessed with good health and contentment.

Dan Phypers