Support from Creston credit union vital to society

Web Lead

To the Editor:

The Creston and District Credit Union is a vitally important institution in our community. There are countless organizations involved in promoting local culture, health, fitness and other forms of well-being that rely on generous financial support from the credit union. Many of them would be unable to carry out their mandates without this support which enriches the community in innumerable ways.

The Creston Concert Society is an example. Thanks to a three-year grant from the credit union, we have been able to continue to bring to Creston world-class talented performers in many genres whom we would not have been able to otherwise consider.

This exposure enriches and inspires our citizens, young and old, including our many wonderful local artists. Faced with rising costs and an economic downturn, there is no question that we would have been unable to continue without the generous support of the Creston and District Credit Union.

On behalf of the community, we thank it for its generosity and support.

Margaret Lavender, President

Creston Concert Society