Stranded Creston residents appreciate generosity of Cranbrook ‘angels’

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To the Editor:

Thanks and best wishes to the “street angels” in Cranbrook who opened their hearts and home, offering warmth, coffee, juice, fine food and treats, kindness and comfort to a stranded HandyDart busload. We were treated to the true spirit of giving with the joyful, selfless generosity of a potluck, and the sincere hopeful message of the Last Supper: “Love one another.” We did! It was a moving experience for all involved.

All the “road angels” (paramedics, ambulance, fire, police, safety crews, two truck drivers, bus drivers, and others) are out there all the time, patiently waiting to help us out when bad things happen, hoping they won’t ever been needed. They will be!

All of the other angels make like better, by simply choosing to be kind.

George Hodge