Something wrong with Canadian ‘democracy’

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To the Editor:

How does it work? First, gangsters with money (banks, market scammers, big oil, big business, zionist lobbyists, warmongers) infiltrate the main political parties and give them contradictory programs, which will divide and sidetrack society and voters.

For example, Conservatives will fight for corporations, banks, markets and the war industry, and they will oppose gun control and same-sex marriage. Liberals, NDP and Greens will pretend to defend the poor (most of us), and advocate same sex-marriage and gun control. This alone will leave half of Canadians at a loss who to vote for or if to vote at all.

The next sweet lie is that if we don’t vote for main parties, we are wasting our vote. That effectively eliminates most of voters who would gladly vote for independents with integrity instead of the same old same old. Some 30-40 per cent of Canadians are so fed up with this scam they don’t even bother to vote.

Another trick from the lying political magic hat are empty promises before and real turnaround after the election. A shining example is Chretien’s 1993 landslide victory when he wiped out the Mulroney crowd (who jumped his own Titanic in time) on lies that he would kill GST and free trade.

Or consider Harper’s promises to run a transparent, accountable, small government that will not intrude on citizens’ privacy. Secrecy, proroguing democracy and Parliament when in hot water, huge deficits, appointing cronies for Senate, the G20 Toronto fiasco and other clueless actions exposed him as an arrogant, backstabbing liar. His only salvation came from impotent, cowardly, (equally) clueless Liberals who nailed shut their own coffin by voting for Afghan fiasco extension and attacking Green and NDP instead of co-operating with them.

The last, but not the least, election trick is this: Elections are usually called suddenly, so public debates are either absent or quick and muzzled. It is both tragic and hilarious how some crucial questions strike panic in leading candidates because they are prepared for usual side issue, no issue or bunny trail questions only. (One such question is if candidates would support the return to a sound financial system as prescribed by British North American Act of 1867 instead of present fraudulent one.)

What does the future hold? Huge debts, more jails, more wars, more secrecy, the absolute rule of corporatocracy and kleptocracy while Canadians will watch from the sidelines.

I know fallen humanity, Canadian mentality, ignorance of the masses, servitude of politicians and arrogance of puppeteers all too well. I am a well-informed optimist.

Do we have democracy with elections? We do have the best “democracy” and (s)elections money can buy.

Is there anything we can do? For as long as complacency and ignorance rule, there is not a thing in the entire world we can do.

Is it pessimistic? Not at all. I am one of the well-informed optimists who spent most of his life trying to understand and figure things out.

Vladimir Certik

West Creston