Snopek the best choice for mayor of Creston

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Toyota the best choice for mayor of Creston)

What do you do if you are hard working, with no inheritance, a poorly traveled former farmer, auctioneer and businessman, married 49 years with three kids? He says now he has the time to give back to his community for everyone’s future.

Joe Snopek is no miracle worker, just an ordinary guy who believes in hard work 24/7 or you could call him a workaholic. He’s a team leader with proven ability on past councils. He was a founding member of the physician recruitment committee, on the pool and rec centre committee, and has dealt with the Arrow Creek water plant and policing, road, sewer and other issues. He has never taken sole credit for anything, and is always talking team. Everything he does is with honesty and integrity.

So, Mr. Huscroft, get your facts straight, not repeating coffee shop rumours. Thank you. You can’t go wrong.

Anna Moore