Smoking, drinking laws bad for businesses

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To the Editor:

I went into a local tavern the other day for a meal. The place was empty. So I asked the pub owner how business has been. Terrible. It seems that his business has been targeted for termination by the BC Liberals. Really? Mine, too. Let’s talk. It seems that WorkSafe BC’s anti-smoking laws combined with the new zero tolerance for drivers has killed the liquor service industry. People have decided to drink at home.

What is going on in our country? WorkSafe BC is an appointed group that writes the laws for all labour in B.C. Try and run a business without labour. But, really, who are these clowns to tell this small entrepreneur how he must conduct his business? I am not a smoker, and if I choose whether or not to go to an establishment that allows smoking, that is my choice. But not in Canada. This choice has already been made for me, because I live in a free country where I can operate a business as I please and support businesses I want to support. Hogswallop! Any law imposed upon us by an unelected group is fascism, and today, fascism surrounds our freedom at every turn. When you are not permitted to operate a business as your customers would appreciate, freedom itself is denied. We cannot boast to the world about how free of a country we are with fascism running the show.

As far as the new zero tolerance driving laws, it’s all about political expedience — alter the numbers so the government looks like it is doing something. Only a coward who prefers to do his drinking and driving in another country far away from our laws would impose such legislation. Remind you of anybody?

Tyson Soroke.