Small dogs need their own time at Creston’s off-leash dog park

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To the Editor:

As some of you dog owners know, I’ve been trying to find an alternative solution so that small dogs have a place to play separate from the big dogs, the reason being that the big dogs like to run and play together at the dog park and often the little dogs get bowled over by them because of their size and weight. Also, many small dogs are quite frightened by big dogs and don’t want to enter the dog park when they’re in there.

So I have come up with a possible solution so that the big dogs and the small dogs can both utilize the dog park. What if the dog park accommodated the small dogs by allowing them to have their own separate time from 8-11 a.m.? I’ve been told by many people that the big dogs generally show up around 11 a.m. anyway. That way, big dog owners who want to run their dogs before work can do so before 8 a.m. and then they have the rest of the day from 11 on.

This seems like a fair compromise to allow the small dogs a place to play together and not have to worry about any big dogs showing up. And still, if some small dogs do well in with the big dogs, they have that option.

If you feel this is a good, fair solution for our dogs, please contact the mayor and council members and give them your opinion on this issue.

Deborah Munro