Shaw channels should be coming from Spokane

Web Lead

To the Editor:

If you are a Shaw Cable subscriber you will have noticed some changes! Gone is PBS Spokane, replaced by PBS Detroit — most of the same programs, but none of the area interest ones that keep us up to date on our part of the country. Also, the times are two or three hours early. Also, as several of my friends have commented, getting ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox from Seattle and Detroit does nothing to keep us up to date on weather and current events more local to us.

I contacted Shaw, and expressed my displeasure (politely). In their email response they indicated they had received a few other requests to change back to the way it was. “We can certainly send up that same request on your behalf,” was their reply.

So, if you care about getting back PBS Spokane, and the other familiar channels, please contact Shaw, and get all your contacts to do the same. has a spot for sending them comments, or phone 250-428-5317.

Jennifer Dewald