Search and rescue crew deserves credit for Mount Thompson rescue

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Being on-site during the Leroy Palmer rescue episode, I waited with anticipation for the report given by our local media. Though I myself am a mere 14-year-old female, I feel to thank Robin Hood — sorry, Const. Littlejohn, for his heroic rescue on Mount Thompson. Has his presence been absent, many lives could have been lost as the males of Bountiful nearly blundered this rescue. Thank God his years of training and mountaineering surfaced at this crucial moment of Bountiful history.

May I humbly insert here a possible consideration that may not have been pondered by the public? The males of Bountiful, practically without exception, have hiked, explored and thoroughly investigated most of Mount Thompson. This is not bragging in the least, but simply stating that they are very aware of the hazards involved.

Were risks taken? Yes. But simply realize that Leroy is a friend or brother to our community, and we were not ready to leave any person in his condition for many hours while trained personnel were flown in from hundreds of miles away. My father, who coincidentally was near the site, estimated at 4,600 metres, was commanded by cellphone from the base camp by RCMP to abandon the search. Back at base camp two hours later, he was able to guide by radio the search and rescue helicopter to Leroy’s exact location. Not seeking recognition, but these facts may be interesting to some.

If credit is due, it should be to the crew on the helicopter for their ability to hover with exactness in nearly vertical and adverse conditions, surrounded by trees, cliffs, drafts and darkness. Thank you, team! Your skills are astounding!

Tillaina Blackmore