Sad to see Creston church turned into thrift store

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To the Editor:

A few days ago, I had a very sad experience. I made the opportunity to check out the thrift store at the Trinity United Church. I thought it was some one-time effort, but here it was set up as a permanent business, the most beautiful church in Creston converted into a thrift shop. It is my understanding that the cost of heating the building was too high, so this action had to be taken.

Canada is wallowing in oil, and the powers that be are stumbling over each other desperately trying to find someone, anyone, to buy our oil, while a church cannot afford to pay for the cost of heat.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, that scoundrel Hugo Chavez in Venezuela has nationalized the nation’s resources, and is selling gas to his citizens for two cents per litre.

Should we be falling on bended knee and praying for our great capitalist system? I think it sure needs help.

I think there is food for thought here.

Alex Ewashen