Rio Olympics incident

Web Lead

I enjoyed the Rio Summer Olympics very much and appreciated the sportsmanship shown by all athletes.  It was a tremendous show and well covered by the CBC.  But this incident with the American swimmers really did not impress me very much.  Their actions did not show the Olympic spirit; it did not show a spirit of good citizenship; it did not show national pride.  One of the accused did pay approximately $11,000 payable to a Rio charity.  I believe that each of them should pay that amount and then should give up a year of their lives and work for an organization like Homes for Humanity, or some charity of Rio’s choice.  Perhaps the next time someone decides to do something stupid, they will give it a sober second thought.  This type of behaviour should stop.  Congratulations to our Olympians.  We are proud of you!

Gertie Casemore