Residents should use less water, but Town of Creston should keep Millennium Park green

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To the Editor:

With the water shortage, I agree with stopping watering the town’s large acres of park lawns. But I take exception to stopping watering the small lawn area in Millennium Park. The lawn area is so small that it would take less than one thousandth of our water supply. The promise of all green lawns again in the fall will not happen where there is foot traffic because this damages the grass. Consider also that spot treatment of new grass in Millennium Park will be messy and costly.

I am asking the town to at least keep the grass alive. Also, we received a gift from our Japanese sister city for part of the park, so we should be very embarrassed if any Japanese from that sister city came visiting and saw our small appreciation.

Personally, I would like to see it lush green so all us Crestonites with brownish white lawns would have a place to enjoy a picnic. Also, it would be beautiful for all the wedding pictures.

We should make an appeal for those who take showers to run less water — that is, to wet the body, then stop the water for the soap application, and then rinse. For those with toilets having room for a one-litre glass jar in their toilet tank, fill one and place it in the tank. Each flush saves a litre. It would save two to four gallons per house and a possible 5,000 to 8,000 gallons a day.

I encourage the people to talk about the many ways to save water when at work or social gatherings.

Let us be aware that in places in the world with a yearlong shortage of water, they use less than half of what we normally use.

John Jorgensen