Resident hoping daylight time poll will be on 2014 Creston election ballots

Web Lead

To the Editor:

I agree that the town should include the question of whether to adopt daylight time or not on the ballots for the 2014 municipal election. This issue keeps coming around like a bad penny and it is time to deal with it democratically, make an official decision and remove it from circulation.

Personally, I would vote yes for daylight saving. Daylight time was initiated in B.C. during the Second World War so that the populace could have an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, thus saving on power and, on the B.C. Coast, decreasing the need for blackout curtains by one hour.

At the end of the war, governing bodies decided to maintain the daylight saving — it still served the purpose of having an extra hour of daylight in the evening and saving energy.

We in Creston do not have that benefit. Instead we have the constant hassle of being on the same time as Nelson and points west for half a year, then on the same time as Cranbrook and points east for half a year. There is absolutely no benefit in keeping mountain standard time all year. Adopting daylight time will permanently place us in one time zone and I’d like to think that most Crestonites will really enjoy that extra hour of daylight in the evening, rather than having it wake them up at 4 a.m.!

Gail Bosgra