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To the Editor:

What a privilege it is to have great writers share their skills in our local newspaper.  Lorne has written well for years, on all sorts of topics, and I appreciate his writing even though I sometimes disagree.

How refreshing to read what Chris Brauer has to say.  Being a distance runner for many years, I can directly relate to what he wrote about his personal experiences on country roads alone and in the misty rain, or running on a trail in the fall through the leaves and feeling the trees flash by.  This past edition Chris talked about the natural inclination children have to engage in play in nature.  Indeed, I was taught that many years ago the first gym was built in a willow thicket in Germany where swings, jumps and vaults were created so that children could experience the joy of movement in nature.  And yes, I was in New Zealand when the school principal abandoned the rules and encouraged children to bring their skateboards, rollerblades and bikes, and figure out how to play and use them at school.  Of course kids got scraped and bruised, and eventually a child broke his arm.  His dad (a lawyer) arrived at the school and wanted to see the principal.  You can no doubt imagine what the principal was thinking as the parent/lawyer entered his office.  After discussing his child’s injury, he told the principal that his son would be okay and requested that under no circumstances should the injury change the school’s policies. Thanks Chris for bringing this profound message back home to Creston.  Get those kids off the flat surfaces and allow them to build their forts and play.

And then there is Emily Ritter-Riegling, whose superb writing is captivating to say the least.  Not only does this young writer have an informed, well thought out and balanced opinion, she willingly takes time to share it on a regular basis in a natural, captivating style.  Thanks to Emily, and thanks to her teachers for helping develop her voice as a writer. You sure give teenagers a real boost. Many people do not believe teenagers take time to think deeply and share.  She blows that theory away.

So thanks Advance writers for high quality writing.  The pen is powerful indeed and I hope others will take time to carefully develop their own writing craft.  Lov’n it.

Rod Giles

Creston, BC