Problems in Syria caused by U.S.A.

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To The Editor:

(Re: “Exploitation of Syria must be stopped)

Anton Skerbinc is to be complimented for giving us the true picture about what is going on in Syria. In January, over 160 monitors from the Arab League toured Syria and found that the Western press has greatly exaggerated the amount of violence being carried out, and who has been carrying out this violence.

Syria has been the most tolerant society in the Middle East, but its leadership has had its share of faults and suppression, and the people justly protested against these injustices, but when they saw that outside forces started interfering in a big way, they fell in behind their government, and support their government. Criminal paramilitary elements armed by the CIA and their NATO cohorts are roaming the nation and killing innocent civilians indiscriminately, and the Western media is blaming the Syrian government forces for these crimes. In the last few days, the people have been begging their government to bring in the army to protect them; they want soldiers on their rooftops to control the sniper fire.

Why is this atrocity happening? The so-called Arab Spring in the Middle East and Libya is a deliberate orchestration carried out by the U.S.A. and its allies. Bringing democracy to this part of the world and threats of nuclear weapons are nothing but a sham. What the U.S. wants is regime change. The thousands of lives sacrificed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya is termed collateral damage, but the goals have been achieved and puppet regimes have been installed to look after American interests. The US has 17 air bases now in Afghanistan. Libya was the most modern nation in Africa; now it is in the Stone Age, and easy to control. Now it is Syria’s turn, and then Iran is on the list.

Why? In going back to the not-too-distant past, at the time the West installed King Saud, and created Saudi Arabia, thereby guaranteeing its oil supply, King Saud told the U.S. that it must protect his oil fields. The U.S. agreed to do this, but in return it stipulated that the oil must be sold to the world in U.S. dollars. I am sure that many people have wondered, as I have, how the American dollar can maintain its value when it is being printed and manufactured like toilet paper. This is the secret why.

Saddam Hussain was the first to transgress; he was going to base the price of his oil on gold and he was doing a good job of convincing the other oil producing nations to do so too. Libya’s Gadhafi was on track. Syria wants to follow suit, and Iran is not too afraid of sanctions; it is already selling oil to India and China for gold and their currencies. If this restructuring happens and the oil buying nations of the world will have no more use for the worthless American dollar, and they start unloading their worthless paper, the United States of America will be down the tube big time.

Alex Ewashen




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