Payne Street potholes still dangerous to Creston drivers

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To the Editor:

This letter is to formally advise my neighbours (and all other residents who live on 10th Avenue North) of the deplorable condition of the road area on Payne Street just east of Columbia Bottle Recycle.

Last spring, I complained to municipal services co-ordinator Ross Beddoes about the serious pothole problems and a response was undertaken to pour “hot mix” into the holes. That lasted about a week and, of course, the big tractor-trailers didn’t stop using the entrance/exit site for their use and the repair job simply fell apart within days.

Here we are again with a gross deterioration in the road condition that simply mirrors the level of response by the town to put any sincere effort into fixing this properly.

Unquestionably, the amount of property taxes that we as a neighbourhood of Edgemont Estates pay to the Town of Creston to have even the most basic of services in this area of road repair appears to be of little or no value to the town to put a single dime back into this part of infrastructure. That is unacceptable! Not only is the road condition unfit for vehicle traffic, it is a real hazard to the safety of drivers, vehicles and pedestrians.

You are aware that there are no sidewalks bordering Payne Street and now with the road condition in such disrepair, all vehicle traffic using the street are putting pedestrians at risk by trying to dodge potholes. Let’s not forget, too, that there isn’t any room on either side of the alleged road due to the deep ditches on both sides of the road at the very spot where conditions are the worst. You can imagine the concern that for those who dare to walk down the side of that area of damaged street.

Not having sidewalks is one thing, but to now have a road that is so badly damaged within the Town of Creston that I cringe at the thought of having to drive over it!

I find it incomprehensible that the Town of Creston cannot come up with a plan and the dollars it would take to fix this problem. So, please take the time to look closely at this as a priority item in your list of repairs and do the right thing before someone is seriously injured.

Art Lashbrook