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PAWS Prints: Our annual report

132 animals were successfully adopted in 2022
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From Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS)

The animals that were adopted from PAWS in 2022 are our success stories for the year.

Of these adoptions, 104 cats, 26 dogs, and two rabbits found their ‘furever’ homes.

Delroy, a 13-week-old retriever cross puppy, is available for adoption at PAWS. (Submitted)
Delroy, a 13-week-old retriever cross puppy, is available for adoption at PAWS. (Submitted)

A further 23 pets were re-homed. These dogs and cats were owned by people who, for whatever reasons of illness, accident or other life events, could no longer look after their pets. In these instances, PAWS found a new adopting family, and the pet changed ownership and housing. Additionally, 32 lost or stray pets were brought into the shelter and reunited with their families.

PAWS does much more than arrange for an adopter family to take the animal into their home. All new pets are given a bath and examined for wounds, injuries, ticks, and hair clumps. Then, the animal is taken to the veterinarian for a complete health check up, which may include vaccinations. The animal will receive any and all necessary treatments and/or surgeries, including dental care. All dogs are groomed, given haircuts, and toenail trims as needed. All are taught to walk with a leash, without pulling. All pets are also spayed or neutered when age appropriate before adoption. If they are too young for sterilization, the new owners are supplied with a $45 voucher to help with the costs for the procedure.

Rehabilitation is an ongoing process for some animals who have been traumatized in their past. Many are timid or frightful, afraid of other dogs or cats, or afraid of humans. Rehabilitation is very important to control fearful or aggressive behavior or other undesirable traits. Many have never been inside a building and must be acclimated to the indoors, including house training.

Socialization is basically the ability to get along other animals and other people. The more a pet is exposed to other cats, dogs, and people, the more the animal learns that life is safe and secure, and that they need not worry about things that were once feared. It is at this point that the animal is very adoptable and a treasure for their new family.

For example: A young dog, whom we have been told has always been outside, is taken to a PAWS foster home to learn that what’s inside a home is friendly, and that the people and pets inside the home are friendly as well. Dogs are taken on car rides to learn that cars are safe and fun. The dog volunteers often take dogs on walks through town to learn that the busyness of the streets is still safe. The PAWS volunteers work very hard to help dogs become fully adoptable.

All dogs and cats are individuals. They have different needs, but they all want to feel safe and secure, with good food and lots of hugs and back scratches, and a warm soft place to sleep. All they want is love and affection. Yes, those same things that humans want.

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