Patient hopes locked-out doctors will spend many years practicing in Creston

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To the Editor:

When I needed blood pressure medication and found out that our Dr. Elemuo, and Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Hopkins, were kicked out or locked out of their practice, it came like a shock. When I heard that the owner breached the contract and that this owner is a chartered account, it seemed hard to believe. But later the doctors confirmed that it was so. I have absolutely no reason to believe that our Doctor Elemuo is not telling the truth. I thought that accountants, and especially chartered accountants, in a lovely town like Creston would be the last to break contracts.

We are certainly glad that the doctors now have a temporary place to practice thanks to the doctors at the Family Practice Associates Clinic. Thank you, doctors at the Family Practice. You show that the real spirit of Creston is alive and well.

I hope the three doctors will find a permanent place and will spend many, many happy and healthy years in our beautiful valley and will go on providing health care and support for us.

Narrow-minded business people, including chartered accountants, who don’t care about the well-being of their fellow residents simply don’t deserve to live in a good community like Creston. Many good people work very hard to create better communities and a better world, and family physicians who often go way beyond their call of duty are a very important part of this.

Health and happiness is far more important than material wealth.

Henry Dahle