Opponents of West Creston fire protection petition were too kind and naive

Web Lead

To the Editor:

We, the opponents to the fire protection scheme in West Creston, have failed miserably because we were complacent, too kind and too naive, and expected kindness in return.

At the first moment the existence of the illegal sign was brought to our attention, we should have sounded alarm bells and shouted for a full mobilization of every able body. We should have “occupied” the two entrances to West Creston and to Mr. Binks’s house, and demanded immediate removal of the immoral sign, a prompt count of returned petitions and the discounting of any petitions signed Jan. 1 and after.

Sadly, in our ignorance and security of abysmal returns, we totally underestimated the will of the powerful and their determination to get this monster of a tax wrapped around our necks. In hindsight, we were to have a bonfire, fireworks, hot toddies and counting the signatures, and celebrating this ugly and repulsive trial behind us.

And while we, the gullible and naive denizens, waited for the triumphant announcement to be displayed, a devious scheme was being hatched and to this moment is vehemently denied. Everybody swears he is innocent, all is well, justified and kosher, except the dead dog, spilled garbage and shredded relations. How tragic and pitiful in this so blessed corner!

So, if the righteous are so correct and justified, why is there no sign of victory? Why are the insurance companies not beating on our doors with refund cheques or at least offering the promised fabulous discounts? Can we not in God’s name learn from what happened to us some six or seven years ago?

Frank Belavy

West Creston