LETTER: Open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump

Letter to the Editor:

(Open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump)

Mr. Trump:

Your re-enactment of the Civil War is detrimental to your country and to mine. You foster disharmony and hatred, polarization and unhealthy alliances. As a planet facing a diminishing future due to past indulgences, we need to find commonalities and through harmony, strive toward co-ordinated approaches and shared goals.

Leadership in these times is a challenge requiring mature decision making and minimization of one’s own individual motives. We need to veer away from ego, greed, profit without conscience and posturing for one’s own gain.

Greatness is not achieved by pandering to those whose vision is blurred by lack of education or generationally acquired attitudes. Such pandering serves to further entrench those biases which should have been divested centuries prior. Those attitudes feed off of other’s suffering. They are the product of meagre thinking and the misunderstanding that wealth is protection. Wealth is a poor veil. It cannot shield. It only postpones truth.

Leaders of countries like yours and mine, namely the U.S. and Canada, have to begin relinquishing grandiose posturing in favour of redirection towards harmony and a promising future.

But you sir, and my own country’s leader, have re-election as your primary goals causing you to make short-term decisions, hoping, I presume, to convince just enough of the electorate that your “vision” is in the best interests of all, when we know that your vision is merely your own perception of your political success.

By underestimating the electorate, you both make a drastic error causing a shortened political career. By nurturing divisiveness, you put our countries and ultimately our planet at risk. You lose sight the path to tie the shoe.

We all see, in both our countries, what is happening. Some laugh at it as though it is a temporary setback that soon will pass. Others are sincerely frightened by it because they see a nearing Armageddon brought about by short-sighted power-mongers.

I see it as a metamorphosis where populations have to be so shocked with incredulity that they take back the control they should have never relinquished: A “Renaissance of Realization” where apathy is acutely recognized as a costly indulgence.

Count the days. Watch the masses as they summon a powerful and dedicated force through which they seek new and better leaders with selfless visions, a reverence for truth and a responsibility beyond their own agendas.

Pat Martin | Canyon

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