Only ‘depraved minds’ would oppose Trinity Western University’s adherence to Christian ethics

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To the Editor:

Our provincial lawyers are trying to stop Trinity Western University from having a law school because of its adherence to Christian ethics.

In 2001, the former BC College of Teachers tried to stop TWU from graduating teachers. It fought TWU all way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled in favour of TWU.

A lesbian lawyer, Barbara Findlay, used historic rhetoric with great passion to argue about the injustices suffered by lesbians and gays, and received a standing ovation by the majority of lawyer. TWU was condemned by history unrelated to it. Unbelievably, 77 per cent — 3,210 lawyers — agreed and voted against TWU.

The Law Society of Upper Canada and the Nova Scotia Barristers Society have refused to endorse TWU as long as they have the Christian covenant that students and staff sign, which forbids sex outside of heterosexual marriage.

TWU president Bob Kuhn asked that the religious freedom in Canada should include all universities.

The 2013 Canadian university report in the Globe and Mail awarded TWU an A+ in quality of teaching. This was the seventh consecutive year it received A+. This has never been achieved by any other Canadian university. TWU also received an A+ for campus atmosphere and students/faculty interaction. Also, the students volunteered over 13,000 hours yearly at 12 outreach organizations. No wonder the graduates are sought after by employers! Only depraved minds can attack such a fine university.

In the meeting, Victoria lawyer Michael Mulligan told the crowd, “If we do not continue to stand up against ignorance and bigotry, they will take us back & the historical wrongs will be repeated.” In other words, that is his and the majority’s denouncement of Christians.

The lesson to be learned is: Be a Christian at home and inside church, but to the outsiders do not use “Christian” if you are interested in bringing the outsiders into your fold.

John Jorgensen