No party to vote for in good conscience

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To the Editor:

I was reading Irene Jorgensen’s letter about political parties (“Tory gov’t would lower abortions”, April 28 Advance, page 7). I completely agree with some points and disagree with others. I agree that pushing a homosexual agenda and abortion through any political party is something I cannot approve of as a Christian, woman and mother. Political parties of today do not solve the problems but cover up wrongs. By chasing votes, they deceive all instead of helping them. Power is what they are after. I feel sorry for homosexuals and I feel sorry for women who find themselves with unwanted pregnancies, but neither Liberals nor Green nor NDP present the solution. As a Christian I have to be very careful whom I vote for because I do not see that they stand for Biblical principles or Christian values.

I see no real difference between main political parties. Conservatives are against abortions but are for wars and killings of innocent kids and women in Afghanistan and Pakistan, all in the name of democracy. Unfortunately, most Canadians don’t watch Al Jazeera, Russia Today or Press TV and have no chance to see and hear the other side of the story. As a Christian, I want and need to hear both sides to make right decisions. Canadian and American press is controlled.

Irene writes about satanic supporters of Ignatieff who “hate Christians”. From what I hear and see, can I say that Steven Harper is a Christian? By their fruits you will know them, not by words. According to Daniel Estulian, Harper is a Bilderberg group member.

In this election there was nobody I could vote for because they have a mix of good and bad, truth and lies, right and wrong. I couldn’t vote for any of them with a clear conscience.

I understand we all make mistakes, but without correction there is something wrong. They promise and lie election after election. The same parties, all the time, are controlled by the same masters. The Bible teaches you can’t serve two masters.

As Christians we should be able to know what is wrong with democracy, elections and society. From what I see there is no chance we will be listened to, but as Noah did his part, so should we. We cannot change the world; we can only point to the only solution — the narrow road that leads to righteousness and heaven.

Iveta Certik

West Creston