No excuse for hit-and-run that killed Creston family’s pet

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To the Editor:

On Oct. 29, a loyal family member was hit by a vehicle on our own driveway. I understand accidents happen, but that isn’t my issue. What is is that our family member was left there to die. She didn’t, at least not right away. Her vocalizing her distress was noted and we went looking.

We had to let her go only hours later. Eighteen years of loyal companionship for me and my children was left there like a piece of garbage. It’s one thing to have them go in their sleep, it’s another when they have to suffer like that.

We have enough information to know who and how and roughly when. The why part was either they didn’t know or didn’t care.

I’m a professional driver by trade, and “not knowing” doesn’t wash. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and what we do behind the wheel are life and death decisions. If more people gave the proper attention to driving that the pros do, there would be benefits all round. I shouldn’t have to spell out what those are.

Carol Scott