Newspaper allows Creston community to keep in touch

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Creston and community should be very thankful that we still have a hardcopy local paper. So many large papers are cutting back in our larger cities. I purchase mine at the drug store, grocery store or at the Advance office.

Many of us seniors who are not online keep in touch with our community through the hardcopy paper. Films, social events and so on are noted there for us to be well informed. We cannot always go to the post office to know when people whom we know and regard have passed on.

I find it sad that in so many ways journalism has provided the wages for people to purchase homes, cars and all of life’s needs. These jobs will soon be cut in favour of a robot machine.

With all the new people coming into Canada, where are they going to work? How can our university students pay off their loan money if there are no jobs for them? Those working for $10 an hour will never own a home.

The hardcopy of printed news will soon be like the dodo bird — just plain gone. Pity, I still like my comfortable chair, a cup of brew and rattle of my paper. There is no comfort in a small black screen that can go off with whatever its problem is. I can still read a paper by daylight or coal oil lamp if I have to.

So, my Creston friends, skip one coffee a week and buy a paper. Help keep Creston working. We must not lose another office on Canyon Street. Besides, I want my paper and its grocery ads.

Charlotte Kaetler