Nelson-Creston MLA missed at AKBLG AGM

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Our MLA Michelle Mungall has definitely shown her commitment to local government by skipping out on the Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Governments AGM. This is one of the most important meetings that local governments in our area have to discuss common issues and lobby the province for change.

Only after a few short years it seems like our MLA, who came out of local politics has forgotten about her roots. Every other MLA from the region was in attendance. There is a great opportunity to meet with the local elected officials at this AGM as most of them attend this event. How can an MLA not even send a regret to let the people who she represents know the reason she is unable to attend?

I asked my MLA this question on a private message on Facebook and the response I got was that I shouldn’t be expressing my concerns over Facebook with her, but rather to use her controlled email routes. Sounds like someone is afraid to be held accountable. Now not showing up is one thing, but to see a post on the federal NDP candidate’s Facebook page thanking Michelle for helping door knock in Creston during the time she could have been interacting with local governments completely blows me away (“MLA Michelle Mungall was doorknocking in Creston with the crew! Awesome!”). Even the Conservative candidate David Wilks took time out of his busy schedule to attend the AGM, as he sees the value of AKBLG.

It makes me ask the question: Is Michelle Mungall here for us, or for her own interests?

Wesly Graham