Need for fossil fuel is keeping wars from ending

Web Lead

To the Editor:

The Stephen Harper Conservative government is synonymous with the United States’ CIA and Republican Party. The Fortress America war economy is based on fossil fuel extraction and use. Try to wage a war without fossil fuel.

What we are witnessing is fundamentalist Christians battling fundamental Muslims — both focused on bringing about Armageddon through violence. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” explains the so-called Christian Harper Conservatives’ fear-hype about terrorism.

With all the war waged in the Middle East and the trauma suffered by countless families — who, like you and me, want peace — it is any wonder that terror should come to our lands?

Stop the war mongering, stop the excessive fossil fuel extraction. Life is and can be such a glorious opportunity to love and cherish and nurture. Save lives, bring peace back to Canada and keep the planet Earth livable for our grandchildren.

Susan Eyre