NDP must raise important issue

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To the Editor:

I was reading the Oct. 20 In Your Corner by Nelson-Creston MLA Michelle Mungall and a couple of questions came to mind. First, how much did we pay these public servants for 24 days worked in a 16-month period? Wow, I wish I had that job!

The second was: Michelle, where have you been? In February, Garry Jackman, Rhonda Barter, myself and others of the community were at a meeting a the Creston and District Community Complex to try and find out about Fortis’s rate increases for smart meters. We were met by an army of well-educated people. I felt beaten. But a very little digging on the Internet and I was smiling again.

I can’t say for the others that were at that meeting, but I sent an argument against the proposed rate hikes to the BC Utilities Commission: the story of Fortis with the purchase of BC Gas with American bailout money, how they paid $170 million to investors and received $200 million from J.P. Morgan at reduced rates than what the bank told the American people they would get for their money, and how it was all linked to the prime minister and his bunch of buddies. You didn’t think the greatest robbery ever on Canadian soil took place without Steve getting his palm greased, did you?

Of course, this led to BP hydrofracking (hydraulic fracturing) for cold bed methane on the Elk River with plans for the Flathead. Do you know what hydrofracking does to the watershed? Man alive! The people of the Montana are protesting us. I would too if my neighbour was crapping in my drinking water like that.

Michelle, you are this self-proclaimed protector of the water and this is going on in the headwaters of Kootenay Lake! As the Opposition critic for advanced education, youth and labour market development, you were not there either time when the school district tried to close the Homelinks portion of the Creston Education Centre, nor were you there when Gord and Steve stole a bunch of forestry contracts away from local contractors for their buddies with the Job Opportunities Program.

The NDP will “raise the issue”? Lord, I hope so.

Tyson Soroke