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Natural Health Approach: Maintaining a Healthy Morning Routine

‘I feel that having at least one good morning habit for body, mind, and spirit is most beneficial.’
Paul Gaucher and Dove Sprout are co-owners of Creston Acupuncture Natural Health Centre. (File Photo)

By Paul Gaucher, co-owner of Creston Acupuncture and Natural Health Centre

Through a lot of reading and researching, I discovered that the most successful people in the world all have some sort of morning routine that enables them to achieve more in their daily lives. It’s generally not just by chance or luck that someone becomes successful. There are particular habits, behaviors, and beliefs that foster their accomplishments.

However, many people wake up to the morning alarm, press the “snooze” button, and are reactive rather than proactive. Many of us are tired and unmotivated in the early morning, and need coffee and sugar to make it through the day, and then eat a fast unhealthy breakfast and rush off to work. Being proactive with a healthy morning routine can keep us stay inspired and motivated, while also dramatically improving many areas of life with more positivity, fulfillment, and productivity as well.

Personally, I feel that having at least one good morning habit for body, mind, and spirit is most beneficial. For example, to benefit your mind, work on conditioning your beliefs with positive affirmations, or plan out your day. For your body, you could stretch or do yoga. For your spirit, you could write down or think of what you’re grateful for in your life or practice your own spiritual beliefs. These are just some examples and you should include what works for you in your own healthy morning routine. Here are some of my favorite positive morning habits!

• Wake Up Early – This helps you to create time for these healthy morning habits so that you don’t feel rushed.

• Water and Hydration - First thing in the morning is the most important and advantageous time of the day to hydrate your body properly. You’ve been asleep for approximately eight hours without any water, so your body has lost moisture through your skin and breath. Drink at least two cups (500 ml) upon waking to boost your metabolism and flush out toxins and cellular waste.

• Express Gratitude - It’s important to focus on the positive in our lives, and finding at least one thing to be grateful for every day is a great way to promote psychological health. Expressing gratitude is important in living a life of happiness. Sure, you could always have more, but it’s important to be grateful for what you already have.

• Stretching or Yoga - This is a great way to center yourself and prepare for the demands of another day. Gentle yoga or stretching makes you more flexible, starts your circulation, and gets you paying attention to which areas of your body are sore or tense.

• Cardiovascular Exercise - Depending on the level of exertion that’s right for you, a brisk walk, jog, or gym class is another great way to begin your day. This gets your circulation moving, oxygenates your body, promotes longevity, strengthens your muscles and bones, and inspires you to feel your best. Movement is key to living a healthy and balanced life.

• Positive Affirmations - Self-affirmations are a powerful tool for growth and development. Reciting uplifting and inspiring affirmations is a great way to condition yourself for personal growth and to start your day on a progressive note. Your beliefs about yourself create who you are.

• Healthy Breakfast - Your first meal of the day has great potential to nourish you properly for a solid start. This could be a green smoothie, oatmeal or granola with fresh local fruit, or an omelette. If you have a tendency towards low appetite in the morning, just eating some fruit is better than rushing out the door with an empty stomach.

• Plan Your Day - If you want to achieve your goals and have a highly productive day, it’s important to plan your efforts and have self-discipline. There are a limited number of hours in a day, and your success is determined by your ability to prioritize.

Paul Gaucher and Dove Sprout co-own and operate Creston Acupuncture & Natural Health Centre from their brand new location, 219 10th Ave N in downtown Creston. For more information or to book an appointment, call the clinic at 250-428-0488, check our their website, and follow their Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

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