Spend more time in nature for a positive vibration. (Pixabay)

Spend more time in nature for a positive vibration. (Pixabay)

Natural Health Approach: Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration

By Paul Gaucher, co-owner of Creston Acupuncture and Natural Health Centre

Nicola Tesla once said that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

If you’ve heard of the law of attraction or the law of vibration before, you probably have your own opinions about it. Either you believe in the power of these laws, or you think that they’re nonsense notions that people delude themselves with to feel falsely empowered in their lives.

However, we prove to ourselves over and over that if we believe that we can do something or can’t do something, we’re right either way. If we can change a limiting belief, then we can change our lives – to me, that’s amazing!

The law of vibration means that everything moves and nothing rests – a simple law of nature. Everything from a table, to plants, to our pets, to us, is composed of vibrating molecules. Everything is at a different rate of vibration and frequency.

When you think of something, whether through your conscious or subconscious mind, there’s an emotion associated with that. The emotion has a vibrational frequency that others can feel from you. Think of when you meet someone new – you can immediately understand a bit about their personality just by the energy they give off from their vibration. The energy of a physical space or a group of people, isn’t something you can see or touch, but it’s something you sense, feel, and react to. The law of vibration also helps us recognize when we’re moving through dense, heavy emotions, so we can let them go and maintain a higher frequency. The vibration that you are in is going to attract things of a similar frequency. You need to get into harmony with the things you desire in order to achieve your goals.

To become aware of your vibration and those around you, try practicing meditation, yoga, or deep breathing. You could also take time for a bath or journaling. You can also tune into your vibration and make it a positive one by spending more time in nature, as the vibration of nature is perfect and helps to lift us up and inspire us.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative emotional state, that your day can seem bad wherever you go and that it can perpetuate more negativity? As a contrast, you’ve probably noticed that when you’re having a great day, others feel lifted up by your presence.

Your current paradigm is all of your habits and beliefs combined that make up the way you react to everyday situations. If you find that you don’t like your current lifestyle, try bringing awareness to your thoughts, and work to change your mindset, and over time your paradigm will shift. A faulty belief is created by the repetition of negative thoughts and habits. You’ll need to repetitively instill new thoughts and beliefs if you want your life to change. You can start implementing positive affirmations and visualizations into your life and repeating them to yourself continuously on a daily basis. Now, I’m not saying that simply saying a phrase will change your whole life. However, by repetitively envisioning positive change/emotion, your world view and paradigm will change, as will your actions. You’ll create new habits, and therefore, new behaviors. You’ll attract opportunities and people that are in harmony with your new vibration.

Making Healthy Choices

Your vibration is directly related to your lifestyle. If you constantly eat junk food, you aren’t going to perform at your best. That’s why a healthy lifestyle and diet are essential to changing your vibration. Work on your mindset and stress management. Indeed, everything that we take in with our senses has an impact on our vibration. An example of this is the music that we choose to listen to, or the movies that we watch. Choose upliftment.

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