MP’s motion could open look at Canadian birth law

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To the Editor:

It is shocking to learn that Canada’s law states that we are not human until after we have completely exited our mother’s body. This means that children in the womb do not have any human rights up until the point of complete birth. Our outdated law puts our nation in the same category as China, Vietnam and North Korea as far as implementing human rights for children in the womb. This is not right.

Picture this: A child is completely out of the womb except for one toe. At that point, that child is still considered subhuman, with no right of protection.

MP Stephen Woodworth tabled motion 312 at the beginning of the year and if it passes, it will commission a parliamentary committee to take a second look at Canada’s 400-year-old law that defines when a baby becomes human. Our MPs will have to decide if updated modern medical science proves that a child in the womb is in fact human before the moment of complete birth.

If you would like to see motion 312 passed so that a committee could study this law, please contact member of Parliament David Wilks and encourage him to vote yes.

Lynn Reeb