Merriment and bounty at TAPS events

Web Lead

Attention Seniors! Have you checked out the Fall/Winter Leisure Guide from the Creston and District Community Complex yet?  Seniors Day on Sept 30th is one of the fall events hosted at the Complex from 9:00am to 1:30pm. It includes physical activities, tea and coffee time, health related talk and a Bingo brought to you by TAPS.   Thanks to Andrea Peet and the staff for creating this Special Event dedicated to our seniors.  See the back page of the Fall Leisure Guide.  Hope to see you there.

Thanks for the bounty of fruit and vegetable donations from Harvest Share, neighbours, the greenhouse and friends. Crisps and soups, casseroles and more, oh my! The taste of garden ripened heritage tomatoes!  Thanks to Ed, Colleen and Reg from Cresteramics who baked wonderful gingerbread spice shortbread cookies.

Our Memory Works session this week was a big hit. It challenged, surprised and engaged everyone with the novelty and discovery of how we remember.  It started with a game:  “I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing…” The next person repeats what’s been said, continuing around the circle, saying what each person has added, and then their own item. Intimidating at first, with much merriment and helping each other, we made it all the way to the end of the circle of 18 people.  It was a great way to discover our own memory strategies, learn from others and an opportunity to exercise them.  We explored listening, repetition, patterns, visual images, rhythms, association, and we made up stories (often silly ones). We shared specific strategies and noticed how unique each person’s strategy was — what helps and what hinders memory.  Everyone agreed that getting together, talking about these things as part of our lives, and learning from each other is very beneficial.

This is part of our Active Aging Program on Tuesdays and Thursdays, funded by a United Way Grant providing participatory and informational sessions on healthy aging at TAPS. This program is open to the community.

Our singing visit to Swan Valley this week was rocking with old show tunes and a group sing-along during their afternoon Happy Hour.  There are always a few folks who just can’t help getting up to dance.  Thanks to musicians, Joanna Wilson, Thelma Johnson, Vera Halifax, Ivan Josephson and Ken Brown.

Thanks to an anonymous donor for the gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Morris Flowers. All we know is they were “from a happy customer”.

TAPS operates under the auspices of Valley Community Services. For program information or to volunteer please call 250-428-5585.