Men and women must choose to be ‘proper’

Web Lead

To the Editor:

(Re: “The Teen Take: Do you Know How to Identify the Proper Woman?”)

What if men and women acknowledged the reality of, and responsibility for, their influence on each other — instead of consensually descending into mutual emotional disaster?

What if, instead of tempting each other like devils, men and women didn’t wanted to trip and crash one another?

What if men and women felt divine love inside, and, instead of using their freedom and power to spiritually assault each other, they wanted to help and protect?

What if, instead of using sexuality as merely entertainment, men and women freely chose to keep it in its natural healthy environment?

What if sexual stimulation — at any level — wasn’t a matter for business, ego, power, the public, or competition with friends?

What if, instead of sexually abusing each other — even if only through sight and sound — men and women cared about one another enough that they wouldn’t want to?

We are the men and women. We will see proper men and women as soon as we choose to be them.

Ken Lemky