Members of Creston community appreciated

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To the Editor:

Each morning when I drive to Rick’s Iron Kettle, I thank the Lord for the mountains, the snow, the sky and the clouds, the trees, the flats, the water and the beauty of it all. I thank the Lord for the good people of Creston. I am finding there are many.

Like the day that I went to the hospital lab and realized I wasn’t supposed to take my pills before the blood test. They didn’t give me heck. They said, “Come in tomorrow early and we will take you first and get your tests down so your doctor gets the results on time.” I did, and they did and it worked out fine. Isn’t that nice?

A few days later, I went to Town Hall for a dog tag. I was a little winded after going up all those steps and I leaned against the counter. The girls quickly got two firemen to check out my vital signs, and the clerks were also very concerned. They even offered to walk me back down the steps. Isn’t that nice?

From there, I went to Extra Foods, still a little shaky. I leaned against a post there and a cashier named Jen quickly came over, sat me down on a chair, did my shopping for me and called my granddaughter to pick me up. Isn’t that nice?

A week later, at 3:30 a.m., I called 911 and five attendants quickly came with the ambulance, professionally checked me over, put me on a stretcher and took me to the emergency room, where a doctor and nurses were waiting. They quickly started to treat me. I told them my big concern was my pup I had left home alone, so one of the nurses made some calls and connected with my son, who went and picked up my dog. They were all very considerate. While in the hospital, all of the nurses and doctors were especially good and through, and I appreciated all the good treatment.

I am lucky to have great neighbours, a great church family and relatives that help me all the time. God bless you all!

Ernie Todd