Meetings needed about Creston rec centre taxes

Web Lead

To the Editor:

After a number of letters to the editor, public meetings (like the one on March 13 in the West Creston Hall with Creston and District Community Complex manager Randy Fediuk, hosted by Regional Dsitrict of Central Kootenay Area C director Larry Binks) and getting very positive feedback from valley residents, I believe we are ready for action.

What I have in mind is a set of meaningful (and I mean meaningful) public meetings, no fewer than two, perhaps as many as four. In attendance should be area A, B and C directors, the mayor, the rec centre manager and RCMP staff sergeant, and possibly Columbia Basin Trust and Gleaners society representatives.

Prior press announcement would ensure good all-inclusive attendance. Short, three- to five-minute presentations by Fediuk, RDCK representatives and myself (to bridge possible bias) could be followed by questions, ideas and suggestions from the public. That could be led by our hero trio, Jesse Willicome, Tamara Fox and Joanne Ferry (who saved the day during last election by hosting an excellent public forum with candidates).

The aim would be to find and implement steps that will lower the tax burden on residents and fill the rec centre with kids and adults alike. The first meeting should be a fact-finding and idea-gathering mission. Following meetings would select the best workable options, test and implement them. If wide consensus is found, a binding resolution would be most helpful.

In order to make meetings more attractive and to promote the rec centre to the public, a loonie happy hour for kids, friends or relatives of those in attendance would help, as well.

In the worst case scenario, if there is no solution, the public will exactly know where we stand. In the best case, we will prove that in this greed-run world there are still people who care about fellow citizens and are ready to work for common good. If we make it work, our model can help other rec centre facilities in a similar situation.

Vladimir Certik

West Creston