Loud pipes make no sense

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To the Editor

(Re: Noisy motorcycles save lives, July 28 Advance)

The saying Loud Pipes Saves Lives makes absolutely no sense.  Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it true!

Ever notice that emergency vehicles have their siren pointed forward?  The siren is pointed forward to warn people that they are approaching.  The sound they make is louder coming towards you than it is when it’s going away.

A motorcycle’s exhaust is pointed backwards, which makes the noise they make behind the bike.  It is therefore useless in warning everyone of your approach.  It doesn’t alert the car drivers ahead of you.  All it does is annoy everyone who is trying to talk to his or her neighbor on the street, or enjoy a peaceful walk in the mountains.  A couple of years ago I heard the president of the BC Motorcycle Association on CBC radio.  She said that if you were relying on the saying “Loud Pipes Save Lives” you should consider taking a defensive driving course.  The scientific evidence does not support the claim that noisy motorcycles help.  They only annoy those around you.  If you want people to notice you, how about investing in some hi-viz gear or some auxiliary lights or a better horn.

I respect that you like to ride motorcycles.  It looks like fun, I must admit.  How about you respect the fact that I would love to enjoy the peace and quiet of these wonderful mountains we live in instead of listening to you roar by?

Jan Zacharias