Little hope offered by United States presidential election

Web Lead

To the Editor:

In a March 11 article by French intellectual Thierry Meyssan titled “Syria — the War Can be Limited”, he makes the following summary statement: “Consequently, there is nothing to be gained by negotiation with people who are being paid to maintain the conflict. It would be better to think pragmatically and accept that these are simply the means for Washington to cut the Silk Roads. Only then will it be possible to untangle the numerous competing interests and stabilize all the inhabited areas.”

In other words, the Eurasian economic federation is perceived in Washington as a growing threat to the “empire of chaos”, which in turn resulted in increased integration of Russian and Chinese military defence forces. Rather than accept the natural chain of events that promises increasing economic power in Eurasia or even to mobilize the West to become more economically competitive, the plan seems to be to neutralize the competition through NATO’s endless war agenda, while at the same time continuing the drift toward a corruption security regimen. The current election south of the border offers faint hope of a positive turn of events, while the war on investigative journalism goes on unabated as exemplified by pro-Kiev activists leaking “personal data of more than 4,000 media staff,” putting war reporters lives in greater danger.

Robert Betts

West Creston