Liberal Party’s tax plan is the best for B.C.

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To the Editor:

The recipe for economic disaster would be to vote for a party or a person who promised and extra $100 million here and there and everywhere, or a party that promised to put tax back on corporations (the Liberals lowered it from nine per cent to two per cent). This would result in corporations leaving (like last time) and more unemployment, and maybe 10,000 people having to leave B.C. again. The rest of us will have to pay more taxes plus increased taxes on businesses will be added to the products they sell. Taxes and the cost of living will increase.

We may not have a Gordon Campbell to save us four years from now. Christy Clark just reinvented herself and wants to balance the budget instead of Dix putting more debts on our children. It’s your choice. Pick your reality.

John Jorgensen