Letter to the editor.

Letter to the Editor: Traffic Concerns

‘It has never been this bad and is only getting worse by the day.’

We, as a collective of concerned citizens of Creston, sent a letter to town council (on June 11) about the insane traffic on 10 Avenue to Cavell Street. It is a well-known shortcut to avoid a few traffic lights. It has never been this bad and is only getting worse by the day.

Editor’s note: The residents requested town staff to look into issues of increased traffic, noise pollution, speeding, and failure to stop at signs. The response from Ferd Schmidt, director of infrastructure services, stated that data collected in the area in Oct. 2020 and May 2021 showed a 97 to 99 per cent voluntary speed compliance. The residents’ letters have been filed for reference to develop the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan in spring 2022. It will help assist town staff in identifying and prioritizing needed improvements to the transportation network.

From the beginning, we were told by many that nothing would be done, and we would be wasting our time. The response letter received from council was very weak with the usual polite reply making it sound like they are hard at work. Council must be so proud knowing that we have no faith in them in doing their job, even simple ones! Obviously, the safety of the people of Creston is not high on their list of things that need to get done anytime soon.

They have known about the bad traffic long for years in this one neighborhood, and our letter was to prod them into doing something other than passing the buck, which is exactly what they did, so no surprises there!

There are many handicap and older people that have to navigate this very busy street daily with their wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. It appears to not be an issue for town council, since no one has been seriously hurt or killed. They have their fingers crossed, so all should be fine!

To date, there has been no sign of the RCMP in the area other than a typical drive through.

– From Creston residents Tim Zibrowski, Al and Sigrid Hert, Donald MacLeod, Marilyn Ronmark, and Barbara Thomas

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