Letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor.

Letter to the Editor: Thank You for Our Online Auction Success

I would like to send a huge thank you for the generous coverage the Creston Valley Advance gave to the recent online auction hosted to raise money for renovations of the Crawford Bay Community Hall.

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The coverage of our fundraiser (in particular the inclusion of the colour poster) helped spread the word from here to the U.S. border, and I am sure it made a difference to our success.

COVID-19 health and safety protocols have left community groups fewer ways to make money, so we had no idea what to expect from our efforts. Online auctions are tricky because there is a huge element of trust involved as buyers can only see photographs of what they are bidding on. Despite these obstacles, we had 333 individuals participate and we were able to raise $9,000!

A second element in this success was the generous donations of over $1,000 in merchandise and gift certificates made by 13 Creston area businesses, for which we are very grateful. It’s good to know that the East Shore residents have such good neighbours just down the road from us!

– Susan Hulland, director of the Crawford Bay & District Hall & Parks Association

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