Letter to the editor.

Letter to the Editor: Reinstate the Existing Sirdar Post Office

Long-time postmaster Shannon Nickisch passed away suddenly in 2015, leaving the Sirdar Post Office in limbo

Eyes are rolling, and perplexed Sirdar residents are asking, “But why?”

The hilly community of Sirdar has only one level disabled and senior-friendly location to park between the pub and the store, where the established, but temporarily closed, post office is located. Our community meeting place.

Unexpectedly our long-time post-mistress, Shannon Nickisch, passed away (in 2015), leaving the post office in turmoil. Residents stepped up to try to fill the loss, then the store changed owners, so the postal delivery was temporarily moved to a car-dependent, inconvenient box location out of town.

For 13 months, Sirdar residents have dealt with mail delivery chaos and having to drive an hour round-trip into Creston to buy stamps, mail out letters, and pick up packages. We really miss our reliable post office.

Finally, the store is settled again under new ownership. We residents expected to once again be able to access our post office. Except, thus our residential exasperation, Canada Post doesn’t want to reinstate the long-time, warm, under a roof, post office location!

Icy winter is coming, please Canada Post, let us residents get back to our routine of using our reliable, safe, accessible, existing Sirdar Post Office.

Susan Eyre, Sirdar

Letter to the Editor