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LETTER: The benefits of living in a tight-knit community

A Creston Valley resident expresses gratitude to a helpful neighbour
Letters to the editor. (File photo)

I received a message on Facebook from a woman I scarcely know out here in Canyon.

She said a friend of hers, with the same last name as me but no relation, received a letter in my name. This person did not know me.

The lady who sent me the message gave me her friend’s address so I could pick up my letter.

I stopped in and found a lovely message from an old friend who had somehow got

the wrong address, though the right last name.

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a community where those connections and those helpful

people live?

Facebook has connected so many people who could never find each other before. I know it has its negative side, but I am grateful for benefits like finding my letter!

Signe Miller, Creston