Key people forgotten

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To the Editor:

(Re: “A huge thank you”, October 27 Advance)

In a recent letter to the editor by Paula Bailly in Riondel, she states, “a huge thank you to the Riondel and East Shore Community for you support of the Riondel Community Campground Society”, as she heaps accolades and praise on several businesses, and “key people”, who she feels are the backbone of the success of the excellent Riondel Community Campground.

Paula, what about Cliff and Debbie who have steadfastly operated the campground for the last three years and, in your words, ” made 2016 another successful year”? This successful year didn’t just happen of its own accord, as I personally know both of them as campground operators and they put in many long hours, welcoming visitors, taking excellent care of campground facilities and cleanliness, to say nothing of supplying the vast amounts of split firewood, boosting camper’s vehicles after their batteries had gone dead. They repair/clean the restrooms, calm down rowdy long weekend revellers, administer launch passes for the marina, ensure order for the safety of all the campers and their families, and more.

I’ll be curious to see if the new administration is willing to operate the campground until the end of October, much less take the time to stand all the picnic tables on end for the winter after properly winterizing the facilities. Yes, Paula, you have done the right thing in thanking all of the individuals, businesses, for their help in sponsoring a wonderful campground in a beautiful setting, but let’s not omit the past folks who did such a wonderful job.

Duncan Simpson, Creston.