Keep our country democratic

Keep our country democratic

Our P.M. is acting like a spoiled brat.

To the Editor;

I am getting very concerned about the welfare of my country and I think it is past time to speak out. Everybody!

Our P.M. is acting like a spoiled brat – spending money lavishly – breaking laws. He thinks he’s untouchable and I guess he is (no charges). He has insulted the Japanese and tried to bully China; rewarding a guilty man of treason. What has happened to our laws that hung traitors? Trying to force other countries to treat their people better when we have homeless hungry people here at home. Then he has these crocodile tears – makes you want to throw-up.

Then he’s inviting people to come here – people who believe in honor killings and insisting on letting women (maybe) sign our citizenship papers wearing a mask. It shows how much respect these people have for us.

Also, I think it’s time to start thinking about something. Our country is very young, 150 years. But our people settled this country. My grandparents came in 1903, lived in a sod house with 2 children, had to have 5 acres under cultivation and built a house all in 5 years. They went through 2 world wars. One son joined up. They went through the dirty 30s and never fully recovered (SK).

Now we bring millions of people in, give them everything including doctors and lawyers which most of us don’t have. And how could anyone run off and leave their country? We would never do that.

What I really want to say is “Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t say that – it might hurt feelings”. Justin Trudeau is not a child, he just acts like it. His objective is to get votes and he doesn’t care about us or our country.

I’m not a letter writer by nature but I need to say what I think and you need to do the same; besides, it’s your job. We must keep our country democratic. Have your say! Please!

Dorothy Kirkness

Creston, BC