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Katherine McAdam remembered as 'kind and generous and funny'

Creston letter writer Nancy McLean remembers homicide victim Katherine McAdam...

To the Editor:

This letter is to honour the life of Kathy McAdam.

The Kathy I remember was funny and feisty and quirky, and loved to make jokes about her Scottish heritage.

Kathy didn’t have much but what she had she shared. She never forgot a birthday, and Christmas was very special, with gifts for all, including the garbage collector. Her buttermilk biscuits were well known!

Kathy loved her family and friends, and there were drawers full of every card and letter she received, with funny and encouraging thoughts.

Kathy was an animal lover, especially her cats, Ginger and Chelsie. But no neighbourhood animal would have been hungry for food or attention.

Kathy had so much gratitude for her life, her friends and her family. She expressed her gratitude freely, whether in person with words and hugs, or in letters and cards and gratitude journals.

Kathy was so happy participating in job creation programs. She read everything from novels to history books to science books, and she had a strong vision of herself working at a job where she could be productive, despite the obstacles in the way.

There is no denying Kathy took a few wrong roads, but it was hard not to support her when she clawed her way back to the life she so wanted. We were not willing to give up on you, Kathy.

Although her life ended tragically, the Kathy I remember was kind and generous and funny, and always ready with a hug. Please hold her in your thoughts.

Rest in peace, Kathy.

Nancy McLean