Ideas regarding Northern Gateway Pipeline are unrealistic

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Northern Gateway Pipeline a stupid, fascist idea”)

Fascist and stupid — wow, strong words! It’s been a long time since I have read such inaccurate rhetoric. Let’s define the above words as per the New World Dictionary and, more importantly, let’s get some facts straight!

Fascism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry.

Stupid: lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence.

The fact that the writer is able to openly criticize this project without fear of repercussion proves that we do not live in a fascist regime; as for it being stupid that is one person’s opinion and a lot of highly educated people would disagree with that opinion.

Only Quebec refers to the oil sands as “tar sands”; there is not one drop of tar, just crude oil, but tar sounds dirtier than oil when you are bashing it.

The gases produced by a properly working septic system are methane and hydrogen sulphide, also known as sour gas or H2S, the second most poisonous gas known to man. A tree naturally decaying in the forest gives off more gas than a septic system.

The writer has a misconception that biodiesel is produced from these gases as he would have biodiesel plants installed on sewage treatment facilities. The fact is (as most people know) that biodiesel is produced from vegetable, grain or animal oils. A blend of biodiesel is a viable alternative, but is not practical on its own due to its much higher flash point and pour points. Using biodiesel results in a power loss of seven to 15 per cent and a consumption increase of three to nine per cent, according to Cummins reports.

A modern gasoline engine has an average compression ratio of 7:1 whereas a diesel engine requires 24:1 to ignite the fuel. The components of a gasoline engine could not withstand the increased pressures and temperatures required for the conversion.

Why is the writer so hung up on diesel, as it is the dirtiest of all the fuels and the engines cost a lot more to manufacture as they have to be built stronger? Granted, on average a diesel engine is more efficient than a gasoline engine.

On Sept. 27, CN announced that it converted a set of locomotives to natural gas on a trial basis and expect a 30 per cent decrease in carbon emissions over diesel. Have they got it all wrong?

As for dismantling all the refineries and pipelines, this idea doesn’t even warrant a reply as the writer has absolutely no idea what all products are derived from petroleum (plastic, rubber). Imagine a world without plastic or tires. Maybe we should go back to slaughtering whales for lamp oil and lubricating oil — that should last the world for a day or so before we eradicate the whales. Now that is the definition of stupid!

A battery large enough to run Creston — wow, I’d like to see that puppy! At present Fairbanks, Alaska, has the largest battery system in existence allowing them to cover peak demand periods with smaller generators as they charge them at times of lesser usage.

The writer keeps referring to petroleum as “black crack”. This is an area in which I have no experience or information; therefore, I cannot comment.

Dave Patstone

West Creston