Holy Scriptures don’t offer date for world’s end

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To the Editor:

Welcome to 2013! Many people thought we would not make it, but I was pretty sure it would come. I have read the Holy Scriptures and it says “you will not know the day or the hour,” so I pretty much know that if someone says it’s going to end on a certain day, you can take it to the bank that it won’t happen on that day. So, like the Y2K scare and other doomsday prophets, someone somewhere is getting a great chuckle for some people’s gullible nature. But the question is still out there: When is the world going to end?

If you ask New Agers, they believe that the world is just now beginning, and we are now entering a time of enlightenment through the constellation of Aquarius; by the way, scientists agree to disagree on its existence. Many of these same people believed that we were going to be invaded by aliens from the planet Niburu, on or about Dec. 21. Many others believed that the U.S. and British intelligence were going to wage the Third World War on this magical day. Or Christ was going to return. Or God was going to destroy us. So now, are we just gullible “sheeple”?

Is there really a bunch of elitists that run everything, through corporations and legislation? Are these same elitists in charge of money and taxes throughout the world? If so, what do they believe? Where do you fit in? Do the Georgian Guidestones exist? Does Illumicorp exist? Was Benjamin Franklin really the saint that he is made out to be? Are the end time prophecies that the Holy Scriptures talk about relevant for today? Will the end days be more like Nazi Germany, where only those with the right colour of skin and right attitude make the cut?

Or are the New Agers right — have we entered a new beginning? Or are the Holy Prophecies correct — will we need to submit to the one and only God, creator of the heavens and the Earth? Time will eventually tell the story, although be aware of what we are putting our faith in. We are not anonymous.

Bill Dyck