Help bringing refugees to East Kootenay is appreciated

Web Lead

To the Editor:

This is a huge thank you to all the wonderful east and west Kootenay people who volunteer their time and money to resettle refugees into our small towns. We honour and celebrate the thousands of volunteer hours contributed to settling our 10 newest residents (seven of whom are now in Creston) who arrived in July of this year from refugee camps on the Thailand-Myanmar (formerly Burma) border, where they had been waiting for over 10 years. Thanks to all of you who have voluntarily contributed hours of support in so many different ways. Everyone is now settled in to their new homes and feeling well supported by their new volunteer friends.

Thanks again to all of you who helped them find and furnish their homes, register them for public school, accompany them to appointments, and visit them in their homes while assisting in learning English!

We know it has been an exhausting year for volunteers and once again, want to honour those in our small towns who give so much to ensure our new friends feel welcome and supported.

New volunteer are always welcome for daily visits, help with English and community outings.

Barb Ryeburn and Shaun Jimenez

East Kootenay Friends of Burma